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Workplace Solutions

Technology has evolved in the past few years and there is no doubt that the examination bodies have remained unaffected by them. Also, as efficiency, speed, and security concerns arise with the technological advancements, it becomes necessary to come up with solutions that can promote the same. On-Screen Marking (OSM) is one such concept that is becoming popular at the fast rate. This evaluation service is effective for universities and boards who wish to incorporate technological tools for the scoring the answer scripts and make the process faster.

Why Choose Us

  • Walkleaf wants the best for your business and offers smart and easy solutions to make use of your existing resources productively and maintain high business standards.
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  • We also provide alternatives to your current operational structure and help to improve it to reduce your operational costs and maximize your profits. All this is done while prioritizing and managing the safety of your workplace environment leaving no room for errors.
  • A well thought out plan brings you the best ways to maximize the use of your property to enable efficient workflow, maximum occupancy, and reduce wastage of space.
  • Walkleaf also maintains and manages the high quality of your workplace so that you can concentrate on core business activities.
  • Workplace solutions also include services such as catering, transportation, guests and employee management, thereby ensuring your operational business needs are well taken care of.