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Rating Services

The rating services offered by Walkleaf are aimed to provide the educational institutions with an efficient way to make the students' job ready and improve their chances of inviting leading companies for the placements. These services are meant to enhance the job skills of the graduates over the course of time so that they can face the interviews confidently.

Diagnostic Assessment

With this, the strengths, weakness, and improvements in the student’s performance are determined, and a report is generated at the end of the program which highlights the key strengths and weaknesses of the candidates. The advantage of this assessment is that the students get to compare their current abilities with the ones that are required for the employability. In addition to that, students can also get an insight into the future prospects and choose the right career path for themselves. This would help in choosing the right career options for themselves and build their job profile accordingly that would reflect on their resume.

Review Assessment

Once the diagnostic assessment of the candidate is done, the review assessment is the next step and is usually done after a year of the former one. During this phase, a candidate’s progress is measured and highlighted and they get a deep insight into the skills they need to develop or the improvements they need to make in order to prepare themselves for the job. This essential to boost the capabilities of the students and provide them with an authentic review of their performance and the skills sets that they need to approve on.

Employability assessment

Once the above two assessment programs are conducted, the candidates are then required to enroll for the employability assessment program which commences just two or four months before the campus recruitment seasons kicks in. This assessment is used to highlight the strength and weakness areas of the candidates and they are also required to go through a Personality assessment which is meant to make them fit for the job completely. Moreover, this assessment is primarily meant to provide the students with the right knowledge of the skills that they need to acquire in order to obtain their dream jobs.

Why Choose Us?

Walkleaf has a pre-designed assessment format which is ideal for scanning the profile of a candidate and determine whether they are the correct fit for the organization or not. This service is primarily used to enhance the productivity of the organization by boosting the hiring process.