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Facility Management

A thriving business needs more than just good numbers. Walkleaf with its impeccable facility management services provides non-core business solutions for management problems enabling your business to move forward by leaps and bounds. With its top-notch services and expertly trained human resources, Walkleaf brings you first-class facility management. Walkleaf matches up to your business needs and industry standards by providing customized solutions to streamline your business operations. Having helped several businesses boost their profits and productivity, Walkleaf ensures your business operations are conducted smoothly, your profitsare maximized, and your resources are utilized efficiently, all the while cutting your costs throughout. If you want your business to surpass its competition, and your workplace to function smoother than ever, look no further and work alongside Walkleaf.

Our Facilities Management Services Include

  • Engineering Services
  • Soft Services
  • Workplace Solutions
  • Space Solutions
  • Insurance Facility
  • Telecom Services

Key Facts

  • Walkleaf offers expert and high-quality adhering soft services in the areas of reception management and security.
  • Our team of well-trained professionals provides the best in business services for catering, transport, real estate, housekeeping, landscaping, and more.
  • Equipped with the best resources and engineers, we offer the most reliable electrical and technical services in the industry such as HVAC, lifts, computer and machines, and more.
  • Our revolutionary methods and innovative office space designs are one of the key services we provide to help design your workspace layout to maximize your property, workflow, and productivity.
  • Our facility management services also include vendor management, telecom services, and other non-core business solutions to enable you to concentrate on core business activities and leave the rest to us.

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Our Professionals

  • Gunjan Malhotra

    Manager, Facilities & Logistics

    Email:- contact@walkleaf.com

  • Dushyant Sharma

    Head, Operatoins

    Email:- contact@walkleaf.com