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Exam Administration

Registering for an examination is the first step towards getting yourself enrolled for the same. The examination bodies have now replaced the traditional application procedure where the applicant had to go through a tedious procedure as they have started using technology as the means to conduct examination and make the process easier for the candidates.

Over time, Walkleaf has supported high stake examinations on a large scale which has helped the examination committee to transform the pen and paper mode to a computer-based one.

The biggest advantage of the online application system is that it is accessible from anywhere and provides a convenient mechanism for filling up the application. Candidates just need to create a login account in order to access the online form, fill in the required details and then submit the form. Once the registration is completed, they can access the account till the time the results are generated.

Walkleaf provided access to an end-to-end online application system for the examination specific body which includes features such as:

  • Online Application form
  • Online Payment gateway
  • Online Test Booking System

The data that is entered by the applicant is captured online as per the rules that are defined and is only made available to the authorized person. The application usually has two interfaces which are meant for the authorized executives and the applicants themselves

Our Services Include

Just In Time Question Paper

With this service, the question paper is decided on a random basis for a given candidate. The benefit of such a paper is that there would be lesser chances for paper leaks and the process would remain transparent.

Computer Based Test

The CBT provides a secure way to conducting examination and also saves the time of printing out question papers in large numbers. With Walkleaf, you would get a powerful platform to conduct the computer based examination.

Paper Based Test

Under this service, we provide facilities such as biometric authentication, question paper logistics, reverse logistics, and test administration.

Candidate Authentication

This is done through biometric authentication where a particular student’s profile is checked to ensure that he is compatible to appear for the examination.