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Engineering Services

Walkleaf comes with a team of expert engineers equipped and trained to offer well thought smart solutions for any problems that arise in your workplace thatrequire immediate technical support. Our engineering services include managing facilities that are essential for the smooth functioning of your office. Equipped to handle the most complex engineering initiatives, Walkleaf works tirelessly for your business to derive the best returns on its investments.

Our Services Include


Our plumbing and maintenance services prioritizes hygiene and smooth functioning of plumbing systems. Firms with a busy workforce require proper facilities, hence Walkleaf ensures your plumbing adheres to the highest standards and requirements to avoid disruptions in productivity and workflow.

Electrical Work

A productive workplace needs to be on the grid at all times. Faulty wiring or electrical problems that could halt operations are issues that Walkleaf can fix in no time with their expert and capable engineers.


Walkleaf provides your workforce with the perfect environment and comfortable working conditions for all seasons. We equip your space with top-notch heating, ventilation,and air conditioning, and help maintain them in top working condition.

Lifts and other Utilities

To reduce your operational lead time, Walkleaf properly services, repairs, and maintains your elevators and other utilities, prioritizing the safety of your workforce.