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Desktop Management

In order to keep your desktop updated and leverage the support services, we have a certified team of technicians who can handle the entire system of the IT assets.

Services Solutions

  • Installs/Moves/Adds Changes (IMAC)
  • Asset Tracking
  • Operating System Upgrades, Migrations & Support
  • Security Management
  • Backup Management
  • Image Management
  • Hardware/Software Rollouts
  • Special Projects
Database Management Along with Back Up and Recovery Services

With us, customers get a complete solution for performance tuning, backup and clustering services for database management. Along with that, you can helpdesk services regarding asset management, infrastructure management, and much more.

AMC and Peripherals

Walkleaf’s AMC and peripherals services have a quick response time where the clients get assistance regarding the functioning of their peripheral devices such as microphones, printers, webcams, digital cameras, and much more. In addition to this, clients also get services regarding application-specific languages.

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