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Corporate Assessment

Human resource is an integral part of an organization which ensures the selection of a right candidate and helps in managing their career in the right direction. Today, the demand of professionals who have the right skill, ability, knowledge, and an eagerness to adapt to the changing organizational environment is high and thus assessment plays a key role in finding such candidates.

We Offer Services

Workforce Development

Walkleaf has been extensively supporting organizations to manage their workforce and has provided assessments across skills sets, cognitive abilities, behavior, and domain knowledge to build an understanding about the employees. This would help in determining the right candidates for a specific job and provide them the right training.

Automated English Spoken Test

This is used to make the non-English speaking candidates competent enough and help them learn the English language which is necessary for communication within the organization. Under this service, a framework is provided to the candidates wherein they learn speaking, writing, and listening right from the basics.

Behavioral Assessment

This assessment is meant to determine the social behavior of the competent candidates and establishing a holistic environment within the company premises.

Integrated Recruitment Platform

Recruiting the right candidate is always a tough task and in order to make this process simpler, Walkleaf provides an integrated platform that provides a convenient way to hire the right candidates.

Why Choose Us?

Walkleaf has a pre-designed assessment format which is ideal for scanning the profile of a candidate and determine whether they are the correct fit for the organization or not. This service is primarily used to enhance the productivity of the organization by boosting the hiring process.